Monday, October 04, 2010

The Ubiquitous Blue Tarp

Cheyenne's nice comment about my photos got me wondering. Does anyone else have as many blue tarps as we do? What a time I had the other day, when I was out with the camera. It seemed every shot was going to have a blue tarp in it. There's one keeping rain out of the chimney. (Ken had to abandon that job for a while due to other commitments.) There's another one being used as a temporary goat shelter there behind the house. There's one acting as a windbreak on the buck goat's pen...I'm so sick of them, but they're so useful. However, when wer're out and about, on the road, - we've been back and forth to the dentist, about 40 miles away, a lot lately, I'm always looking at other farms and saying "oh, look at that nice place" then I realise, it's so nice because there are no blue tarps over anything! I wonder if we'll ever be tarpless.

Happily, the raggedy goat shelter will soon be no more. We have a man coming soon, to fence that hillside to the right of the house. All the goats with the exception of the buck will be going up there. And I have a shelter already half built for them. They should eat down all the scrubby little pine trees and brambles and open up that pasture again. It's amazing how fast the woods have encroached on us. After they get rid of the brush, we plan to get a few sheep to keep the grass down. Not many, four would be enough. A young neighbor guy is a sheep shearer. He shears, trims hooves and gives shots all in the same visit for a very reasonable price, It'll be nice not to have to worry with all that back-braking stuff. Keeping up with the goats feet is a chore in itself these days.
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Cheyenne said...

haha! Who cares about the blue tarps-like you say, they are so useful. Your place is gorgeous-with blue tarps. Seriously! You should see the stuff laying around our place...