Thursday, January 24, 2008

This year's deer

Here's this season's deer. Ken walked by me saying "guess I'll go get us a deer". About 5 minutes later I heard the shot. Sure enough there he was up on the hillside field dressing this nice doe!

Having so many deer around kind of takes the sport out of hunting but then again it was nice not to have the task of carrying her down off the mountain and out through the other hollow like last year. We just lifted her over the stream and into the barn.

This year we ground quite a lot of hamburger meat.

This is Ken using the grinder attachment I bought him for his birthday last year. It works great. The KitchenAid mixer was his retirement gift! When I buy him tools he usually says "wait a minute, you've been wanting one of these!" He likes kitchen stuff so this way I was sure he knew it was just for him. He knows that never in a month of Sunday's would I ask for a mixer!"

We got about 40lbs of meat altogether. One deer lasts us most of the year, in fact I still have a little bit left from last year but that's because I used it sparingly thinking we would run out. We keep talking about getting a pig as it would be wonderful to have our own pork too.

It's very comforting to see the freezer full of meat. Especially when it's free meat!

Some finished knitting projects

Winter really set in here so as usual when it's cold outside all I want to do is knit! The first picture is a hat I made using the Llama I spun - shown in the last post.

I'd made this little cardi and hat for a friends new baby granddaughter and well, I was thrilled the way the flower came out and decided I wanted a hat with a flower too! Hey, I just turned 50. I can wear crazy stuff now.

The cardi is known as the 5HBJ or 5 hour baby jacket.

Thanks Lorainne wherever you are!!!

It's pretty easy to follow and enjoyable to knit.

I'll try to find the link to the baby hat and flower patterns. They were easy too.