Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garden Fence

Once again I must apologize for not posting for so long. This darned computer had another melt down and has been in the repair shop.

In the mean time I've been taking lots of pictures and if all goes well I'll try to post something every day.

We finished fencing in the garden! Glad that's done. As you know we also built a fence for the neighbor across the street. So far everything is growing beautifully. The deer are sticking their heads through and managing to nibble a few of the plants around the edges but it's nothing we can't live with.

These pictures were taken last week. I need to go out and take some more. It's amazing how fast things grow. It's like a jungle in there now. The potatoes are doing really well and we have lots of tomatoes but they're ripening slowly it seems.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

It's a day late but Happy 4th of July to everyone that it applies to!

It was a very quiet one here. Ken went down to a family get together in North Carolina so it was just me and Josh here taking care of the farm.

I sat out on the porch swing most of the evening hoping to catch sight of a few fireworks but there was nothing. I could hear quite a few in the distance but not a thing down here on the creek. But it was more than made up for by the flashes of hundreds of fireflies though! They were all busily blinking , looking for their mates. I love the fireflies. Wish there was a way to photograph them. After a shower the whole place sparkles with them like an enchanted forest.

While he was in NC Ken stopped by the farm store in Fayetteville and picked up some white pigeons!! That was a stroke of luck. They don't have them in stock very often. Since we came here the ones we have haven't laid any eggs. A few birds have also been lost to hawks. Now I'm down to two and they both seem to be males. The two tipplers in the aviary keep sitting on eggs but they never hatch. They sit about 10 days and then kick them out. I looked inside the eggs and there was no chick in there, just a regular yoke. I've added vitamin supplements to their diet and made other changes but to no avail. The birds may just be too old. I got them about 6 years ago and they were adult's then so I have no idea how old they are. Anyway, Ken's on his way home with 4 new white homers - young ones- so we may be in for a chance at breeding these. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for baby pigeons!