Tuesday, April 26, 2005


OOh, I'm scared!

Two years ago I decided to grow my hair with the intention of donating it to Locks of Love. (www.locksoflove.org )

Well, the time has come. It's down to my waist now and beginning to get on my nerves a bit. I am a little aprehensive though so I thought this would make a suitable subject for this week's Illustration Friday theme : Daring.

Saturday will be the big day!

It's time to cut it all off! Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 16, 2005

What a crazy two weeks this has been. My poor little blog was left flapping in the wind.

But, I have great news. The farm we went to see down in Virginia turned out to be just what we wanted! The sellers accepted our offer and the bank approved the loan! The closing will be at the end of May as the sellers needed a little more time to move.

I'm so excited! We've been searching for over two years now and I was really getting quite discouraged. A very big "Thanks!" goes out to Fred for posting about this place. It's not just a farm but a little piece of community history and we feel honored to be it's future caretakers.

Thanks Liska and Doug for the welcome. We look forward to being your neighbors. (Though Doug seems to be under the impression that we are Beltway city slickers!!!!!!) As Charlie Brown would say: Good grief!

We spent the last few days down in North Carolina. Had to get the garden equipment, fence, utility trailer and the Toyota pick-up truck we had left at our old place. We also got the dog. She was being eaten up by ticks despite Topspot. We put a preventic collar on her and by the time we got to Ken's mom's house about two hours north there must have been 100 dead ticks in the bottom of the dog-crate! Man, I won't miss that place. I know there are ticks where we are going but I don't think they can be any worse than in southeastern North Carolina.

We worked from 0730 to 2100 to do all we had to do. Took the old truck to Firestone to have new tires put on it, ( the old ones were 11 years old!!) went to the farm store and loaded up 25 bales of hay and all the feed the present owners will need to feed our animals for the next month, downloaded and stacked the hay in the barn, completely broke down the utility trailer so that it would fit inside the horse trailer, and cut the cattle fence panels down into lengths that would also fit in the horse trailer. Mike the neighbor came over and we chatted with him for a while and caught up on all the news. Doesn't sound like much now but it was hot down there and we were tired by the time we got through. The next time we go will be to get the goats, rabbits and some of the pigeons.

With all this going on I haven't had a chance to sit down and do any eraser carving. I don't even know what the theme is at Illustration Friday. Think I'll go there now and maybe squeeze something out in between homeschool and packing for the move.