Saturday, June 17, 2006

Crystal's Home!

And that means we are officially completely moved into our new farm!

We had to leave her at the boarding stables in North Carolina until Ken got out of the military and had time to work on building a corral. We are still working on her corral and shelter. She has a stall in the barn for now but Ken wants to get her out of there so that he can begin the major repairs that need doing.

I didn't think Crystal would remember us since she hadn't seen us for almost 2 years but she's settled right in. She follows me around her little paddock and has to stand next to us all the time we are working on the fence. She even stood quite calmly and watched as Ken ran the chainsaw to cut notches in the fence posts! But I think it's thanks to the work of Ashley, the trainer who worked with her for the past month in order to prepare her for the big move. I can't say enough about the great job she did! Crystal's like a different pony. In fact she was so calm when she arrived - after 5 hours in the horse trailer and arriving in the pitch dark at midnight- that I asked Ken if they'd given her a sedative for the trip! She's like a different horse. So if anyone reading this is looking for a good trainer in North Carolina call North Star Equine in Parkton and ask for Ashley Thomas!

Now I need to find a good riding instructor for me! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


This picture was taken from just off the side of our driveway.
Ken asked Josh -jokingly- if he wanted to go fishing in the "big deep hole". He wasn't expecting to actually catch anything! They caught six fish within a half hour!Posted by Picasa
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Here's the lumber all stacked with spacers between the boards to let the air circulate. Posted by Picasa