Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seventeen Years of Married Bliss

We were both in the US Army, and met at Ft. Lewis, in Washington State. He was just an E5 SGT back then. He'd just transferred there from Germany. I was an E4 medical specialist, and had recently transferred from the 43rd MASH at Camp Humphries, Korea. ( yes, the original 4077th of the TV show fame!) Now decommissioned, sadly.

This was our first home! An amazing little cabin on 5 acres, in the woods, about 20 miles from post. We saw it in the paper for rent. It had brick floors and was fully furnished with wonderful antiques. The only heat, however, was the tiniest wood stove you can imagine. We may as well have been living in a tent for what use it was. But we were both well accustomed to living in tents so it didn't much matter. We loved that little house.

Just this for today. We had a nice fried chicken supper and a cake!
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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a lovely day and got the cards i sent. Loving the blog, will write soon.

Polly said...

Hi Susan!

Got your cards and will be framing the picture on the birthday card. It's just lovely!

I dropped you an e-mail.

Love to all.

Cheyenne said...

OH, Congratulations to you! What a precious lil cabin that was, I bet you have fond memories of it.