Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Dry Stone Walls of Home

After my last post,I went on a web search for drystone walls of Lancashire, England., and found this site filled with the most wonderful photographs of the stone walls I'm used to seeing. This is the landscape I grew up in, in north west England. These are WALLS! Miles and miles of them.

Here's a link to more:

I hope the owner of the site doesn't mind my including one of his pictures here.

And now I have to go grab a tissue, because just looking at all that rugged, wildness makes me SO homesick!


Judy Adamson said...

I've been surprised to see dry stone walls here in Wales too! But the ones that I've painted were in Yorkshire. I think they are wonderful - they just look brown from a distance but up close you can see that they are full of the most surprising colours! (Hope I haven't increased your homesickness!)

Polly said...

Hi Judy!

Yes, there are many walls in Wales too. It's interesting to see the different styles that are unique to each region. I should think the walls in Lancashire and Yorkshire are all of granite. Not sure of the ones in wales. I saw an interesting programme from English TV, they were looking at the stone wales of the Derbishire Dales. The rocks there were full of fossils! Mostly marine creatures from when the area was under water, millions of years ago. I find myself thinking "Oh, we should ride down there, go hiking and take a look for ourselves" then I remember where we are. :) Not quite that easy.

By the way, I often think about the post you wrote, asking where our inspiration (to paint) comes from, and where it goes to when it leaves. I know as soon as I see photos like this, of the fells,and the bleak landscapes of northern England and Scotland, I'm bursting with a yearning to whip out the paints immediately and get the image down on paper. But our time spent in the Rocky Mountains, even though they are truely beautiful and breathtaking,had no such effect. It was like looking at a picture on a chocolate box. They weren't "mine" so to speak. I guess I'm just in tune with "bleak and "gaunt" :)

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Polly - I think you've given me a clue as to why I don't paint the mountains when you mention 'chocolate boxes' - thank you! By the way, I've made some poster/prints of my pastel painting on Zazzle this weekend. One or two have drystone walls and I'll be putting them on my 'products' blog this week. Look out for them, if you can bear it without getting too homesick!