Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Autumn Olive

A neighbor asked if we had Autumn Olive on our land. I had no clue. He described it and went on to tell me how it's been found to contain very high levels of Lycopene. Very good for you.! I remembered this bush we have growing by the creek right outside the kitchen door, almost. When we arrived home I went to look more closely at it. Sure enough it's Autumn Olive! As you can see, it's loaded with berries. Think I'm going to harvest them and make them into jelly.

You can read more about Autumn Olive here

Boy, has it turned COLD here! Today was chilly, chilly with a blustery wind. Had to put on a sweatshirt and jacket to go out and do chores.
I took a look in the garden and found a whole slew of green peppers hiding under the foliage, and some nice big carrots. Still a lot of tomatoes ripening too. I took pictures of all this wonderful bounty and then accidentally wiped the card clean  before they got loaded onto the computer. :(

It's been one of those days today. Nothing much was accomplished.  My Dad called and let me know Mum is pretty sick and in the hospital. I hate not being able to be there (England) to help out. At least they have fantastic next door neighbors.

Ken's allergies are in full swing, ( maybe due to the kitten in the house, but he was ok over the weekend) Poor guy, his eyes are running and his nose is all stuffed up. I'm having to sleep on the couch because he makes so restless and noisy all night.

The good news is Joshua has started correspondence high school courses with Keystone National High school and is doing really well! He just got the results of his first test in Life Science and scored a 96! I'm so proud of him. There's an awful lot of writing involved. He's never had to write so much. I've been letting him off lightly because he's always had such a hard time putting his thoughts down on paper. When I saw how much writing was in store for him this year I really expected him to panic and feel overwhelmed, but he just took a deep breath and buckled right down to it. He loves the textbooks and the actual subject matter though. And now, with the high test score and the nice note the instructor wrote to him, he's over the moon. I think we're going to like Keystone.

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