Sunday, December 05, 2010

We have snow!

                                            The view from the kitchen window last Sunday

                                       Here's the view from the kitchen window this afternoon.

The wood stove and my knitting.  And a BIG pot of soup. Guys get hungry when they're hunting!

I lost my blogging inspiration for a week or so and now it's hard to get back to it.

Last week was Thanksgiving. One of Ken's brothers came up to stay with us from North Carolina. He always comes up here at this time of the year to go hunting. We had a nice weekend but there wasn't a deer in sight. T. sat up on the mountin for five hours and didn't see any. They are usually wandering around in the yard, at least in the early morning and evenings, but this year apparantly, there's a huge crop of acorns and other goodies that deer love to eat, so they are staying deep in the woods.

As you can see winter has finally arrived. It snowed lightly all day yesterday and now we have a lot of wind. Ken and Josh had to rig up a better house for the goats. Yes, it consists of the usual blue tarps that I'm so desperate to get rid of, but at least the goats are cozy and protected from the howling winds. The man was supposed to have been and fenced the mountain side by now, and I thought the goats would be out of the temporary pen and up on  the mountain by the end of October. We remembered that fence man wasn't feeling well when we last talked to him so we are getting worried that he is still not doing so good. Will have to call and find out.

So, while the weather outside is awful, once the farm chores are done, we're staying inside, cozy and warm by the wood stove. I finished knitting a sweater for Joshua. Just a plain one for working outside in. There's nothing like pure wool for warmth. Now I'm working on a cardigan for me. Yarn was on sale at the store in town so I kind of got carried away and bought enough for sweaters for all of us. Since the doctors and dentist appointments are all done with, we probably wont go to the big town again for a few months.

I'll try to blog more this coming week.




Cheyenne said...

Ah, what a lovely photo of the snow. It is how I would imagine things to look in the mountains with snow. It makes us thankful for a warm wood stove, a nice rocking chair, and something to work on with our hands, doesn't it? Hope ya'll are snug as bugs in your home---I just love to see your photos. I can just imagine you in that chair! :)

Polly, I've wanted to write about the photo on the bottom of my page for awhile and just plain haven't. It's a photo of my Grandpa and his siblings when they were young. Their homestead is not far from our house, and we run our cattle on much of the same land. He was an amazing man, a man we could write whole big fat books about.

Polly said...

Hi Cheyenne!
I was thinking of you today. While we don't have your low temps, it's so windy here, the wind chill factor is making farm chores very miserable. I wonder how you guys can stand to be out working in the weather you have. It took me two hours to get everyone fed and watered this morning. Sometimes the mountains block the wind, sometimes they funnel it down the valley, depends on the direction.

Now it's midnight and I'm sitting in that chair by the stove listening to the wind howl. Too tired to knit :)

I love that photo at the bottom of your blog. Would enjoy reading more about your grandpa.

I didn't get a chance to try the cookie recipe you posted. Ashamed to say, I had one of those tubes of instant cookie dough in the fridge. Just spooned some of that on a sheet and popped it in the oven so that Josh would have a warm treat when he came in from doing his chores.