Friday, December 31, 2010

Come for a Boxing Day walk with us!

We had quite a nice snowfall on Christmas day and throughout the night. As usually happens after snow, high winds were due to come in, so we decided to head out for a walk while the landscape still had that pristine, magical calm over it.
                                                     We went out of the gate...

                                                and down the road...

around the mountain past the "house" next door.

Cheyenne, you said you always dreamed of living in this area, well, here's your starter kit honey! You would be welcomed by a colony of about 12 cats, a family of racoons, a stray dog and sometimes a bear!


Cheyenne said...

haha! The reason I LOVE this post, is because even before I read further down, I saw that picture of that old house and had a really close look at it and was thinking-how fun would it be to fix something like that up! In the mountains! I laughed so hard when I read what you wrote next.

Is that your barn at the top?

I love that wreath on the gate. It looks so great.

Do you folks have crazy wind down there lots? We can around here-but a few hours south of where we live it is even wilder wind-and I tell you-it can make me crazy. My sister lives in southern Alberta, and I always though we should relocate down is cheap...(it's hard to farm, it's dry) and there are hardly any neighbours around...but mercy, after spending sometime down there-THAT WIND-drove me nuts!

Now that I've written a short letter for a comment...I should sign off.

A Happy New Year to you! It's nearly nine and we are going to bed! Pathetic! :)

Polly said...


Happy New Year!

The picture is taken from the better side. Afraid the house is now beyond restoration, but I hear it used to be beautiful. So sad to see old houses fall into wrack and ruin. There's a note on our land map stating that the guy who built our house, sold that land to the guy who built the house in the picture in June of 1909.

We do get some really strong winds, but only at certain times of the year, mostly winter and fall. Sometimes it's howling up on top of the mountains but calm down here. i can stand cold, but like you, wind can drive me nuts, especially when everything is frozen solid and we are having to haul buckets of water to everything. Fighting against it wears you out quickly.

The building at the top is our wokshop/ feed shed/ art studio (upstairs)

LiveLikeYou said...

That's so beautiful!! Always dreamed of living out there, perhaps one day...