Monday, December 13, 2010

One horse and another

I took this shot today. Shady up on the hill eating her hay with her reflected image in the icy pond.

We've had a little break in the weather with two days above freezing but now it's 20F, breezy and snowing again. More high winds and very low temperatures for the week ahead. Yuk! I really don't like wind: it makes working outside very miserable. Nice to listen to while tucked up in bed or sitting by the woodstove though.

I spent the weekend working on the cardigan I started last week, and managed to get it finished a few minutes ago. It's the first (adult sized) cardi I've ever made, due a fear of collars and button bands. Once I got down to it, picking up the stitches for them both was really easy. All those years of avoiding cardigans, now I want to knit a whole closet full! Tomorrow I'm going to cast on stitches for Ken's cardi. It's kind of like a smoking jacket, with a shawl collar. I'll post pics tomorrow because it's really late now and I can't keep my eyes open any longer.

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