Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cat TV

Not much blogging getting done lately owing to frantic knitting. I'm trying to get a sweater finished for Ken in time for Christmas. He knows about it, but since we are having a very spartan Christmas this year, I thought it would be nice for him to have something to unwrap.

We really don't go all out for the holidays as we tend to buy things we want or need throuout the year. In fact we've accumulated so much "stuff" over the years, I need to be getting rid of things, not bringing in more! Ken already got what he wanted, one of those tripods with a pully for hanging deer or pigs etc. for butchering. I bought all that yarn a couple of weeks ago and paid the bill for the kidney stone surgery. A pain free Christmas and a pile of knitting is all I want. That leaves Joshua. He just wants a scope for his rifle. He's also been hankering to learn blacksmithing, so I'm going to enrol him in a course locally. Our nearest town, about 20 miles away has a population of only 450 people, but it's a very unique place, full of artist, artisans and musicians and an arts center offering courses in a wide variety of skills. I imagin next year he'll be wanting an anvil and all the blacksmithing tools!

Below are a few pictures taken over the weekend...

Dexter discovers "talking cat" videos on youtube!

It's Sunday, so here are this weeks  'through the kitchen window ' pics.

This is Ken cutting kindling for the stove. Kin'lin' as he calls it. Still a couple of inches of snow on the ground. The storm last week wasn't as bad as we'd expected. The power stayed on, though it doesn't affect us much when it goes out. We just light the oil lamps and transfer the milk and other perishables from the fridge to a cooler outside on the porch. If it's out for more than a couple of days Ken fires up the generator for an hour or two to keep the freezers cold. We kind of enjoy going back to 19th century living once in a while.
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Judy Adamson said...

We're having a fairly frugal Christmas here too, Polly! But it may be even more frugal than planned as it seems likely things ordered from Amazon won't arrive in time because of the snow!

Love the picture of the cat!

Cheyenne said...

I almost love a winter blizzard...I love being without power (for awhile) and just kind of being by myself out here. it's refreshing (as long as we're warm enough, have food, and can eventually have a bath!)

Hope you enjoy your Christmas!

Polly said...

Oh Judy, I think a lot of people are in the same boat. Joshua used his Christmas money from my parents in England to buy an antique coal miners lamp on ebay. It's been a month now and no sign of it. The seller has a couple of things that haven't made it to the US. She called Royal Mail and they told her if the airport was closed it would have gone surface mail. So we'll have to wait about two months for it. If it hasn't been stolen. I sure hope it's just taking the scenic route :)

Hi Cheyenne! We seem to be a lot alike. I love a good storm. The one thing a really miss when the power goes out is the vacuum cleaner. I'm always amazed at all the dirt on the floors when the lights come back on. Even when I thought I'd been sweeping pretty good!

Happy Christmas to both of you!