Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wildflowers and Widgets

There are lots of little blue flowers in the pasture right now. Not sure what they are. I brought some in but immediately started coughing. I'm not usually prone to allergies but Ken and Joshua are.They would have been suffering greatly if I'd kept the flowers in the house, so here they are relegated to the back porch with Ken's work boots.

Well, I'm quite happy with the fresh spiffy blog decor. This background came from Shabby Blogs. Megan has lots of lovely free backgrounds and other bloggy stuff to choose from. Thank you Megan! I would still like to add some pretty little post dividers but for the life of me I can't find the place to insert it in the template code. My code doesn't seem to match up with everyone elses ( I tried a few different tutorials ) After two hours of scrolling through lines and lines of code looking for the right combination of gobbldygook I was about to tear out my hair in frustration. Blogger needs to add a widget specifically for post dividers!
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Cheyenne said...

I love the background!!

Too bad about those little flowers...:)

Polly said...

Hi Cheyenne! Thanks for the kind words. I'm really liking the change. Yes, the flowers are really pretty but they must shed a lot of pollen.