Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Just a quick peek at the kitchen re-do progress. We have all of the bead-board up on that wall now. The colors are a bit off because of the flash, and as you can see it's dark outside ( midnight). I can't believe how much brighter it looks already.

We still need to paint and put trim at the top of the bead-board, finish painting cabinets, add the knobs and drawer pulls, put in the new sink that we bought two years ago, re-paint the upper wall, paint the door - not sure what color to paint the door yet, paint all the trim around the window and door, and trim the entrance to the dining room. I love the bead-board so much, I also want to put it on the back wall of the dining room. We have other plans but I'll blog about those as we get to them.

Look at all those tomatoes I need to dehydrate!
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