Monday, August 09, 2010

Water Race Feeding the Pond

Ahh, looks like this is the solution to fixing our leaky pond!

Tim and Jimmy ( with a little help from hubby) put a small culvert upstream from the creek to a channel that they lined with road fabric. Road fabric is a really tough waterproof material. The channel was then filled with erosion stone. It's working great. the pond filled up in three days. At the moment we are controlling the flow rate by positioning a very large rock in front of the entrance to the culvert. We plan to make something a bit more sophisticated than that, like a little sluice gate that can be closed whenever a long period of rain is in the forcast. The creek is very low right now but it becomes a raging torrent at certain times in the year.

couldn't resist making a rock "bridge" over the pipe. It's a work in progress. I'll post more pictures along the way. It's still very hot here so I'm only woking on this in the evenings.

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