Monday, August 09, 2010

Building The Farm Pond

This is how it looked over the winter. We had planned to get grass seed down but we didn't get it done in time. The weather turned really nasty and we had record snowfalls. Over 4 feet of snow in all! There was at least a foot on the ground from December 18 until the end of march. It was a mess.To make things worse the pipe that was bringing water in from the creek was washed out when the creek flooded in the spring rains and to make things even more worse, the pond was leaking under the dam. Nothing could be done about that. It was just that they hit bedrock at the bottom of the pond and the water was following the bedrock out so the water level dropped down until it was level with the creek about 5 feet below. ( remember learning in science class that water always finds it's own level?) The little spring that comes out of the mountain wasn't enough to make up for it. Another solution had to be found in order to bring in water from the creek enough to counteract the leak, and last week the guys came back to work on that.
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