Friday, August 06, 2010

Here it is. The beginnings of the gigantic undertaking that began last fall.

A couple of years ago, my lovely great Auntie Edna died and left me some money. I knew she was leaving me some but wasn't really expecting a great lot. Well, due to the exchange rate at the time, it came to quite a sizable sum. We had no intentions of squandering it on frivolities. The economy went into the ditch, money in the bank wasn't earning a lick of interest and the stock market seems to be rigged. So, we decided to put it into something we could enjoy every day. Something that would add value to our farm and still be here for others ( hopefully our grand kids and great grand kids) to enjoy for maybe a hundred years or more.

We always thought that wet area in front of the barn would make a nice pond. A spring comes out of the mountain there so we knew there would be a constant feed of water. Work started on August 22 2009. It's been a huge headache. The guy that started the pond bit off a bit more than he could chew. He didn't have the right equipment for such a large job so we had to let him go and get the experts in, and here you can see them starting to dig.
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