Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just what I always wanted!

I've been wanting a set of circular knitting needles for a long time but always balked at the price. Well I finally got some for Christmas from my wonderful hubby. We had a 40% off coupon for "Michael's" and when we got to the store they were on sale! They should have been about $90 and we got them for about $23!

A couple of days later when Ken and Josh were in town without me they picked up a Barns and Noble gift certificate and slipped it in my stocking.

I have a set of straight needles that my Mum and Dad once got me so now I have no excuse not to knit!

Actually, I love to knit but lost all my inspiration when living in North Carolina. I'm so happy to finally be in a place that has a real winter! Posted by Picasa

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