Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back Road Home

If you look in the sidebar you'll see I added a link to a really great website: Back Road Home .

I stumbled across it one day a couple of weeks ago. It's packed full of useful information for anyone who's renovating an old farmhouse, planning the layout of their farm and property, or decorating in a period style. I still haven't looked at everything on there but already have a better idea of how to position any outbuildings we decide to build. So take a few minutes to go check it out.

I did go looking for another place to blog but can't really decide what to do. I saw that blogger had been having some problems that they say will be fixed so I'm going to stick it out here a while longer.

The weekend was a busy one. With the lovely warm weather that came in I set about catching up on a lot of neglected chores like trimming goat hooves. Ken changed the oil and filters in both trucks, took Joshua to his shooting club, washed the trucks and a million other things.

Josh and I rounded up the ducks and put them in a pen to give the frogspawn in the pond time to develope and grow into little frogs. The ducks were gobbling up everything in sight!

After all that cold and ice it feels good to have accomplished a few things.

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