Friday, March 16, 2007

Building a Rustic Fence and Arbor

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This is what's been keeping me busy all week.
I started weeding the borders for this year's kitchen garden. No sooner had I started than the chickens and the ducks showed up to help! No point planting anything as long as they can come and scratch up the seeds and eat them. So, I set about building a fence. It was only when I got this far that it dawned on me to take pictures and blog about it. I mean someone out there might want a rustic fence and not know where to start. So here are some step by step instructions because if I can do it anyone can!
Oh dear. I posted instructions and now this morning I find all the pictures have red Xes again!!! I think I'm going to find some other place to host a blog and ditch Blogger. It's been taking forever to publish anything and I'm really tired of it.
I'm going to go feed the cow and then come back and look at other options!

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Anonymous said...

pauline have you not thought that the chickens can fly over the fence ???? ducks too I think. !!