Monday, April 09, 2007

Computer troubles

You must all think I've fallen off the edge of the world or something. I'm sorry for the lack of posts here. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

As you might remember when the power went out during the ice storm in February my computer got fried. Well, it's been in the shop being fixed for the last two weeks. We got it back on Friday. Everything was going good until Sunday. Ken plugged in the camera thinking we would call my Mum and Dad and get on Yahoo messenger for a chat. As soon as he plugged in the camera the computer froze up! He couldn't do a thing with it. It wouldn't even turn off!!. He did all he could to fix it but to no avail. So, it's back in the shop.

Keep your fingers crossed that it's nothing too serious. I'm at a loss without it as it has all my artwork on it, though the software I'd been using needs to be reinstalled. -And that's another problem, I can't find the disk!! Think I'm going to have to go on ebay to find another one. It's PhotoImpact 4, I think. We downloaded the trial version of the new PhotoImpact 12 but I actually like the old one better. The new one requires that you set the screen to a particular resolution that makes everything look extremely small. I can hardly see all the little buttons!!!

In the meantime, we went looking for other graphics software to try and came across a free trial of Xara Extreme

I made this little ginger kitten design while messing around with it and put it on some t-shirts in my cafepress shop. Thought it came out quite nice. Xara's totally different from PhotoImpact but I really like it and think I'll take advantage of the sale they are having.

Afraid this cat t-shirt is all I have to show you. The camera's out of batteries so I haven't taken any pictures of the SNOW we got over the week end!!! Yes, SNOW!!! The temperature went from almost 80 F last week down to about 15 F over the week end! It may have been below that even. I know it set a record. We got about an inch of snow on Saturday and there was still some of it in the woods this morning. I'd just put all the winter coats away too. Even put up the fly curtain that Susan and David brought over for us so we could keep the kitchen door open in the (now, non existent) warm weather. All the animal's water buckets had a half inch of ICE on them this morning! Can you tell I'm not happy about having to go back to this after being out there in jeans and t-shirt planting peas and radishes last week?

Anyway, here's the Ginger Cat shirt. He looks as if he's chasing something and skidding on a slippery floor.

If you click on the picture you'll be able to view all the other items with this design on them. Cat mugs, infant and toddler t-shirts, bags and what not.

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