Friday, July 07, 2006

Where are the Eraser Carvings!?!

I know I haven't posted pictures of any eraser carvings for a long long time. There's been so much to do around the farm and I wanted family and friends to be able to follow our progress. The Inky Spinnery has morphed into more of a farming and homesteading blog and I've been feeling very guilty about it.

Well, now that Ken's home full time I'm not the sole animal waitress, poop picker-uper, we now have the animal waiter! So, I finally have time to create.

I've been really wanting to do something with my eraser carvings and wanted to get them out there for people to enjoy. Some I mounted as rubber stamps with fancy handles ready to list on eBay but I love them so much I can't let them go!

Well, I found the solution...

Check out The Official Inky Spinnery Shop Ikki-Pokki Arts! There you'll be able to see the new designs I've been working on and even purchase them on t-shirts, caps, mugs and other gift items.

And please leave a comment over there. I'm looking for lots of feed back, ideas and suggestions.

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