Friday, July 21, 2006

As some of you may remember we lost our lovely big buck Jeremiah just before we were about to bring him up here in May 2005. It really set us back since no daddy goat = no baby goats = no milk!

So, this spring we went looking for a new herd sire. We finally found him along with many more absolutely beautiful nubian kids not too far away at Faithful Farm.

That's him on the right. His name is Jaquemo and that's his -fixed- little brother Pepper on the left. Pepper should grow much larger and heavier due to being castrated. I'm going to train him to be a pack and harness goat. He'll be able to pull a cart or carry a few neccessary items like bottled water and rain gear when we go out for a hike.

For anyone looking to buy nubian dairy goats in south west Virginia please take a look at the Faithful Farm website. The Coordes family LOVE their goats and it shows!

I think Jaquemo is going to produce some wonderful kids for us next spring. Not to mention I won't need to run 5 miles to the store just for milk anymore! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

I don't know much about goats but you should read my blog about my most recent goat expreience.

Once I helped move 45 babies and Mamas to the barn when it got too cold. We had to load them into a horse trailer and then unload them into the barn. Sounds simple but it wasn't.