Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yesterday was the birthday of Mick Mather a fellow blogger and eraser carver. We've had such a hectic week here that I was only just able to get a greeting posted in time.

Glad you had a great birthday Mick!

It's kind of funny, I don't really remember how I got into carving erasers and I certainly didn't know anyone else who did it. One day I typed "eraser carving" into the Yahoo search box and a whole new world opened up. There was the Carving Consortium website and a whole bunch of sites related to mail art and letterboxing. And this name Mick Mather kept popping up all over the place.

A couple of months ago I found Illustration Friday and set up this blog so that I could participate. What a surprise when who should leave a comment but Mick! The world really is a small place.

He's since moved on to other things than eraser carving but above you can see one fine piece of his entitled "Keep Out!"

Check the links in the side bar and go take a look at his blog. Maybe some of you up there in the north will be able to go see the exhibition he's currently working on!

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