Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Illustration Friday word for the week is "ancient". For some reason the first line of the poem "All That Is Past" by Walter de la Mare popped into my mind.

Thank you to those who have left kind comments!!

I added a few links to the site recently. I always enjoy exploring the links on other blogs- causing me to spend way too much time on here. But heck, there's so much interesting stuff to read!

Not long ago I found the IUOMA site. I love it though I've never participated in any mail art projects myself. It all looks so 'out there' on the 'edge' and my work seems too tame to fit in.

Anyway, I have decided to bite the bullet and take part in a First Day Cover swap with a group of other eraser carvers at the Carving Consortium and I'm really excited about it! I joined the Consortium way back but with hubby deployed for two years I was always too busy to participate much. The FDC is the Northeast Deciduous Forest stamp that was just issued last week.

I didn't know much about FDC's and had to search online to learn more. I was surprised to discover that there are "cachet" artists who specialize in turning out hand painted FDC envelopes for a living!

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