Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ok, it really is time I updated this blog! It's been one of those weeks.

The Illustration Friday word of the week was "Sorrow". Couldn't have been more apt as it turned out to be a sorrowful week.

We had word that one of our dairy goats back in NC had died. Now to most normal people he was just a smelly old buck. ( VERY smelly!) Nothing they would cry buckets over. But I had raised him from a baby and he had champion bloodlines. Fortunately I have one of his daughters but I was hoping to have many more of his offspring in the future once we found our new farm.

So, I cried for 3 days and then had a terrible sinus headache for another 3 days. The type that has you hanging over a bowl wanting to throw up your toe nails. Needless to say when I finally felt better I wanted nothing more to do with "sorrow" and decided against attempting an illustration.

The new word will be posted tomorrow and I can't wait to see what it is. Sunday nights are beginning to feel a bit like Christmas Eve!

Believe it or not once I got back to carving I managed to turn out quite a bit of work including a small collection of Ex Libris stamps that I'm really quite excited about.

I'm thinking of putting up a little online store and would be interested to hear if anyone would be interested in buying stamps or items featuring my carved images such as bookmarks, cards, Ex Libris /bookplates etc. I'm open to any other ideas. Let me know.

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