Thursday, February 17, 2005

As I mentioned earlier I've been getting quite a lot of carving done. I've been sketching ideas during the day while helping Joshua with his school work and then carving mostly after midnight when hubby and Josh are sleeping. I just love being able to sit down and concentrate free of distractions and the little nagging thoughts of the dishes in the sink, hubby's uniform to iron, phone calls to make and the dogs to walk. One thing I love about homeschooling, we can start school at whatever time is best for us.

Today was kind of odd though. Joshua decided he wanted to get up at 4 am when Daddy left for PT! What did he do but sit and watch cartoons untill I got up to see what was going on at 7:30. I wasn't very pleased about that. "but daddy said I could watch for one hour"

At 9 am he was getting so sleepy I had to put him back to bed and he slept until noon.

During the time he was asleep I kept hearing a strange noise here in the dining room. Thought it was something in the dryer at first but on further investigation it turned out to be a bird that had got under the eaves and fallen down into the wall cavity. Ken came home for lunch and called the base housing office. Two guys showed up not long afterwards and cut a hole in the wall and rescued the bird. It was a Starling. I took it outside and let it go. It took off squaking as if it was cursing up a storm. Now we have to get the hole under the eaves fixed to prevent the same thing happening again.

We had planned to go down to Virginia this week end to look at a couple of mountain farms that recently came on the market. Ken thought he was going to get a four day but it was shortened to Saturday, Sunday and Monday. With the 8 hour drive down there and the same coming back it didn't leave much time for house hunting. Hopefully we can go at the end of the month.

I'm so anxious to find our place and get back to 'normal' life. All our farm animals are down in North Carolina being cared for by Joe and Julie our renters. One of our dogs is there and the pony is boarded at the stables. Another dog is being cared for by Ken's parents. I can't wait to have them all back!

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