Saturday, February 27, 2016

On the fence waiting

It's that time of year. The long slow wait for lambs to be born. We only have two pregnant ewes this year and one of them is going to be a first time mom so I'm keeping a very close eye on them in the hope that I'll be there to attend and assist if there are any complications.

In years past, I would set the alarm and be up and down all night checking on them That gets exhausting pretty quickly! Especially when you're really not sure of an exact due date. Night after night of getting up every couple of hours really wears you down. No more! Ken set up a light inside the sheep shelter and a mirror in the upstairs bedroom. I can now lay in bed and with the binoculars, see exactly what's going on. Of course it still means waking up every few hours but at least I don't have to don all the winter garb and trudge outside in blowing snow and freezing temperatures - just to see them contentedly chewing their cud.

Ahh, my kind of farming!

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