Saturday, January 16, 2016

It's a New Year!

 Here it is, another New Year and I'm making yet another attempt to resurrect the old blog.

So far we've only had a dusting of snow this winter and that lasted a day. Actually, it feels a lot like England: dark and dreary.

Things have changed on the farm. My old horse, Shady passed away in November. She went peacefully. We got up one morning and there she was laying in the pasture amongst the fallen leaves. There was no indication of her having been in any distress. The leaves weren't disturbed as they would have been if she'd been thrashing around in pain. It was just as if someone had placed her down on her side and she'd gone to sleep. A neighbor came with his Back-ho (JCB) and buried her for us, right there where she liked to stand in the mornings as she waited for the sun to come up over the ridge. I've missed her a lot and still find myself looking for her through the window when I get up in the morning. I couldn't resist looking at the Farm classifieds on Craigs List and yes, you guessed it fell in love with another horse! Well, not a horse exactly but a pony.

He's SO cute!! He has a nice sweet nature and even though he's only about 11 hh he's still big enough for me to ride.  So far I've just been doing in-hand work with him and I did sit on him briefly. He hasn't been ridden for a few months so I didn't want to push my luck the first time on him. But he did fine. I'm looking forward to spring and some warmer weather to be able to really start working with him.

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