Tuesday, February 04, 2014

What we did last summer

People keep asking "when are you going to update your blog?" I'm sorry it's been so long , I really don't know where the time has gone. So here are a few pictures. Dad came over again early last summer and he and Ken worked on building a split rail fence with a lovely little picket gate at the end of the brick path. 

It's beginning to look like an English front garden. We can finally have flowers and the pesky critters can't get in to eat them all!

We adopted two Border Collies from the dog pound!  Kate and Pippa. I've always heard that BC s are neurotic, they need to run three miles every day... they're nuts! So I never really wanted one.  Well, all our other old dogs went to the happy hunting ground in the sky, one by one and we ended up dogless for three months! It was awful!  So we looked at the website of the local shelter and these pups were looking for a home. We originally planned to just get one. But you know how that goes. We ended up with the two of them!  

Yes, they're ... let's say, exuberant!( that's an understatement)  But they're SO easy to train! They're like little computers. And they beg to be programmed!  Last week I thought "it would be nice to have a dog that could turn the light on for me".  It took all of thirty minutes for Kate to figure it out! Now we say "light!" and she hops up and flicks the switch with her nose. As long as you're giving them things to do they're happy as Larry. When you need a break you say "In your house!" and they both dive into their crates and lay down and go to sleep.  No, they're not perfectly behaved  but they're very easy to redirect. They want nothing more than to please you. I think we'll always have collies from now on. 

But wait, there's more! About a month after adopting Kate and Pippa, we were adopted by Kojo!!!

He's a Great Pyrenees. 

Ken was brushing him and those cats just have to be in the middle of everything!


Judy Adamson said...

Always glad to see your progress, Polly! And I'm glad you're enjoying your collies. There are plenty of them round here in Wales, rounding up the sheep; and I swear some of them drive the jeeps home from the market on a Wednesday while the farmer-owner sleeps off his liquid lunch in the passenger seat!

Polly said...

Hi Judy! It's nice to "see" you!! I need to come over and see what you've been up to too.

Yes, I bet you see a lot of Collies there. I'm always watching the sheepdog trials on You tube. Pippa is showing some promise in the herding dept. I hope to start training her later this year.