Friday, February 21, 2014

Two whole feet!

Of snow! I think this is the most we've ever had in one storm. I didn't even go out in it because it was over the tops of my wellies. Ken dug out some old snowshoes and managed to get to the barn to feed the horses.

It came down quite fast!

Someone forgot to bring their boots in!

Ken ventured out to see how deep it was.

The ducks were miserable!


The view to the barn.

A couple of days later our wonderful neighbor plowed everyone out with his backhoe. It was about four days before the road crews could get to us. Josh was out of school for almost a week.

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Michelle Morlan said...

Wow, from the look of these photo's I can see why you couldn't get out!
Love all of your pictures! Your three dogs are beautiful and so smart, turning on lights would be a very handy thing to have a dog do for you!
I do love a garden and to have one when you walk out your front door would be heavenly! It looks so beautiful:)