Sunday, January 06, 2013

Hand Carved Rubber Stamps on Etsy

Hand carved tea kettle rubber stamp

I finally bit the bullet and decided to open an Etsy shop, selling my hand carved rubber stamps. Here's the link if you care to take a look:  IkkiPokki Rubber Stamps

I'm torn over selling them mounted or unmounted. So any suggestions are most welcome. Something in me wants to mount each one and add  a little handle, but that, of course adds more time and cost. I uploaded a few of each so we'll see what customers prefer.

I love carving stamps. Inking one up for the first time is always exciting because you're never quite sure how it's going to look printed. This little tea kettle was one of those " Ooooh, I like that !" moments.


Judy Adamson said...

How clever!

Wishing you luck with your Etsy sales, Polly!

Michelle Morlan said...

LOVE this stamp, Polly! You have a wonderful style :)