Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pigeons on the roof

Thought I'd post this picture of some of our pigeons. I like the way the branches of the Sumac tree form that little circle just above them.

My original intention for the pigeons, was to train them to home, then start a little wedding bird release business. The first few years they were plagued by blacksnakes that would get into the loft and kill the young fledglings, so I never had more than a handful of birds. But this year we didn't lose one baby to snakes. Right now I think we have about 16 birds, and what a beautiful sight it is when they are all flying in unison! They make huge circuits around the valley, swoop low over the pond and then all land on top of the hay barn.

I no longer plan to do wedding releases, but I can't imagine our farm without the pigeons.
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