Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Liver and Onions

On Sunday afternoon Ken went over to a friend's farm to help them with their fall butchering. He came home with two nice lamb's livers! So, Monday we had liver and onions for supper.

                  First I soaked the liver in milk over night. Here it is after draining the milk off it.

                                                 Next, I sauteed an onion in butter.

While the onions were cooking, I put the liver in a bowl of seasoned flour ( just salt and pepper) and covered both sides. Then, remove the onions from the skillet and set them aside. Put the liver in the skillet and fry slowly in butter for about 4 minutes on each side. Try to only turn the liver once, or twice at the most. Once no blood comes out of it when poked with a knife, return the onions to the pan with the liver. Add a little water and cook it all for about 10 minutes longer.

We had ours with mashed potatoes ( seasoned with with a bit of rosemary) along with carrots and tomatoes from the garden. The liver was cooked well but very tender and tasty. Another mostly home-grown dinner!

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