Sunday, May 16, 2010

More views of the workshop

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These were taken back in October 2009 just after the building was completed. Of course, now it's full of tools and gardening equipment. 
At one point over the winter we had to build a temporary pen in the corner and  move our pregnant Mamma goat: Mahogany, in there. We had record snow levels and the babies just wouldn't have survived out in the ellements, even with a shelter. She gave birth to two kids at about 3am one morning, buck and a doe.  She wouldn't have a thing to do with them so we had to bring them into the house and bottle feed them. The weather remained so bad that we had those darned goat kids in the bathroom for a month! What a job. I'll never breed the goats so early again. Thank goodness we could eventually move then out into their own little pen in the cabin untill the weather warmed up enough to put them all outside in March.

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