Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh Happy Day!!

Woo Hoo! We finally went and got what we needed and finished hooking up the Pioneer Maid cook stove!!

Before we got done I was looking around online and came across a terrible review of our stove! This guy had nothing good to say about it at all. Said that it wouldn't hold a fire for more than a few hours, wouldn't heat the house as advertised, had a hard time keeping it clean because of the top loading fire box which allowed ashes to float out and cover the stove heart sank. I was so worried that we'd wasted the money and were going to regret not buying some other brand. So, it was with great trepedition that we put in the kindling and started the first fire. The instructions advised that you should start with a small fire the first day just to break the stove in. So that's what we did. Wow! were we surprised! With just those few little stick burning the temperature in the dining room went up from 60 to 75 degrees in no time flat! The next day when we put in a larger fire an got the oven hot it was 85 in here and the temperature in the livingroom and hallway went up to 73 degrees! We left the furnace set at 65 just to keep the chill off in the night but I didn't even hear it come on last night. The house is -and stays-SO cozy! I absolutely love my stove!

Here are some pics.

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