Monday, February 13, 2006

Here's another picture taken yesterday. I love to walk way back to the edge of the woods and look back at the house. It looks so cozy and remote.

Today was sunny and quite warm. We spent most of the afternoon outside playing in the snow. Josh enjoyed some sledding and I got a good work out cross country skiing. I'm extremely rusty and fell flat on my back a few times! I love having this long hill. It's a bit of a slog going up to the back pasture but when you turn around you have this really great glide straight down to the house! Wish I could master the "skate" skiing technique like you see on the Olympics. It looks so easy but I can't get the hang of it and this snow was too deep for it.

We did another couple of runs with Nanuuk and the dogsled. She really put some effort into it today but we kept it short just the same. It's so much fun though. I'd like to get a couple of Alaskan Huskys that have pulling experience but perhaps didn't make the grade as racers.

Speaking of races, the Yukon Quest is going on right now. You can follow it herePosted by Picasa

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