Sunday, September 25, 2005

Today I finally finished framing and wiring the aviary. Made a door and got that on last evening. Now the first pair of birds are in there and although they are new to each other ( Craig the tree man gave me a nice little hen ) they seem to have hit it off. There are still things to do. It needs shingles on the roof and the gable finishing off but at least I can now put birds in it. Snakes could get in it if they have half a mind to but so far they haven't bothered the birds in the other aviary. I think it's because the birds can just fly up out of the way. This one is out in the open too so they are less likely to hang around it. Ken caught the snake that was living under the woodpile. We put him in a bucket and relocated him about a mile away. There are others out there though I'm sure. Tomorrow I have to get to work on building a door for the loft.

During the week one of our birds got loose. I thought for sure it would either take off back to North Carolina or fly away and be lost. What a great surprise when the next morning it was sitting up on the barn roof. She followed me around all day flying up in my face as if to say "look, do you see me?,I came back!" I waitied until she was real thirsty and then put some water in a cage on the ground. She went right in! So now we have one bird that we know has settled here. I can begin taking her out over longer distances and letting her fly home.

Woo Hoo! feels like we are moving forwards instead of standing still.

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