Sunday, June 26, 2005

Life On The Move

Thought I would write a little about how we got here. We've been on the move for almost 12 months!

Back in August 2002 Ken left North Carolina where we'd been stationed for 6 years to take up a position at the army base in Dexheim, Germany. He was supposed to be stationed there for 2 years but he was only there 6 months before being deployed to Iraq. We had a feeling that's what would happen and had made the decision for me and Joshua to stay in the states. Germany's beautiful but I just didn't want to be left there in a third floor apartment twiddling my thumbs when I could stay home and continue to enjoy our little homestead and animals. It turned out to be the best decision.

In August last year, after his 16 months in Iraq, Ken came home to the states on leave for a month. We spent the time in Virginia and West Virginia looking for a farm. All the places that looked so wonderful in pictures turned out to be nothing of the sort in real life! But we at least realized that we liked south west Virginia more than anywhere else and decided to focus our search on this area.

In September Ken had to return to Dexheim to finish up his time. We had people renting our house since we knew we would be moving again soon so we bought an old Winnebago for me and Joshua to live in in the mean time! The renters had offered to take care of our animals and that left me free to be able to go over to Germany with Josh to stay with Ken for a few weeks and then on to England to stay with my parents in Lancashire.

On October 17th Ken finished up his tour in Germany and joined us in England for a few days before we all left to return to the States together.

Today I was looking through some of the pictures taken in Germany and England and thought I would post them on here.

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