Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting much here. Moving day is rapidly approaching and I've been busy packing. This time next Sunday we should be on the road getting very close to our destination. Actually I hope we will be there before dark. The way my eyes are, driving in the dark is horrendous!

Last week we went to the vision center and got my glasses. The doctor and I both decided that instead of bifocals I would be better off with two pair. One for reading and one for distance. What a time I'm having trying to get used to them! The reading glasses aren't too bad but the ones for distance are awful. I don't think I will be able to drive in them at all. Everything looks distorted. People look short and fat! Cars all look like low riders. Almost broke my ankle stepping off a curb that appeared to be about a 2 inch drop and turned out to be 8 inches!!! Needless to say I've been in floods of tears and at my wits end with them. If I get behind the wheel with those things on I'm going to kill somebody. The optician says he doesn't know how I've been able to function without glasses but the only benefit they seem to afford me is that I can read signs from a longer distance. And then I have to sit very still and really concentrate. So, yesterday I said to h*ll with them and put them away. It's so annoying. Not like you can return them and get your money back so that was $200 down the drain. Heck I could have got a Scottish highland calf for that! I could just spit right now.

Anyone else out there had the same problem?

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fred said...

Sorry we'll miss your arrival if it is to be Sunday the 22nd. We'll be away til Wednesday of that week, but hope the weather, the moving van, and your eyes cooperate. Love the goose figure, by the way. I vote yes, its arrival in the past was a fair foreshadowing of the farmhouse on Goose Creek to come! Welcome to the neighborhood.