Sunday, May 15, 2005

Goose Creek

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Here's an eraser carving I made a couple of years ago and it's always been one of my favorites.

The farm we are buying sits by a wonderful fast running rocky beck called Goose Creek. Could the image have been a premonition of our future home? I'm thinking of somehow incorporating it into a logo for the hand made soap and crafts I hope to have for sale.


Mindy Wilson said...

I adore your carvings...I check here often for new images. Thanks for posting!


Mindy Wilson said...

Hey again,

Thanks for commenting on my mischief. And you mentioned that you'd like more images of the log house my family is sitting in front of...It is a friends house! Wah haa! I should have mentioned that the picture was taken at some one else's place. Sheesh.

I look forward to seeing more carvings and love your links you've posted, the small presses andthe wood engraver's site is amazing! Yikes no spell check!