Monday, April 04, 2016

Walling With Donkeys

With lambing behind us and the arrival of warmer weather I decided to get back to walling. In fact I've been on a bit of a walling marathon this last few weeks as I want the driveway to be finished before the end of May and the start of the really hot weather. My Dad's coming over from England in May for three months and Ken's family are coming up from NC in October, so this is about the only time I'll have to work uninterrupted for long stretches.

I was going to continue the original wall all the way down to the gate, but after making multiple sketches and plans it seemed better to break it up with fence in order to have access to and interaction with the Donkeys. They come to be petted and talked to every time we walk down the drive and a solid wall would really cut them off from us. Didn't want to do that!

I started down at the gate. It's about a twenty foot section. Then there'll be some rail fence, a ten foot gate that will allow us to drive the truck in there and a kissing gate for easy walk through, and then another section of wall. 

Damascus has been helping me. I sling a couple of rubber buckets over the packsaddle and she thinks she's the bees knees carrying small rocks - "heartings" - for the center fill of the wall. She takes her work very serious and listens well and follows instructions. I have to alternate between her and Rimfire as he gets jealous and mischievous if he's left out!

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