Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's a Girl!!!

And she has a twin sister!

I'm so thrilled! It seemed as if we were destined to have nothing but ram lambs, forever! I kept turning them over, just to re-check. I'd forgotten what little girls looked like. And black fleeces too!! Can't wait to be able to spin the wool. The second lamb presented backwards and I was all alone but fortunately I had no problem delivering her. 

They're almost as big as the little boy, whose now a week and a half old. He's thrilled to bits to have some playmates and keeps bouncing around wanting them to join in.

Anyway, these are the last lambs for this ewe. She's getting old and this was a very tough pregnancy for her. It was obvious that the lambs were taking all of her resources  and there were times I thought she was going into pregnancy toxemia as her legs kept going out from under her and she would have great difficulty getting back on her feet. I kept giving her Ketogel in the hope that it would keep her on an even keel and I think it helped. She's been my best mother sheep. I do hope these two have inherited her maternal instinct. 

It's been a long two months of waking up every few hours and I'm so glad it's over!  Last night was the first full nights sleep. It was wonderful!

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