Sunday, June 03, 2012

My Dad's Here!

A lot happening here on the homestead. My Dad's here for six weeks. Actually, he's already been here for 3. I just haven't had much chance to blog about it.

First, I was busy getting his room ready:

I love this room. It's bright and colorful. The walls are a pale sage/apple green. It doesn't have a name. We mixed it ourselves from lots of left over paint we had under the stairs. The comforter and other furnishings are in blue, orange, raspberry, yellow and violet! Sounds atrocious but amazingly, it all works together.

And here's Dad enjoying a bit of fishing up at the pond.

Afraid our fish are still small as you can see!  Ken took him over to a neighbor's pond the following week where the fishing was much better.

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Cheyenne said...

Polly, that room is absolutely stunning. I bet your dad about wants to move in...although, I don't know if beautiful rooms move men like they do us ladies! I love the bedspead, the bed, everything! Soak up each moment with your papa. Glad to hear you are having some happy moments!