Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To every thing there is a season...

Oh what a sad season it is at this moment.
I'm sorry for not posting for so long. I've actually been in England for the past three weeks. My lovely, Mum passed away on Sunday February 13th. She'd been in and out of the hospital most of last year and the beginning of this one with chest infections and pneumonia . She only had one lung due to contracting TB when she was 16 years old, so any chest infection was always a major worry for her- and us. As she aged she succumed  to other problems, involving her heart and thyroid. The medications for one tended to interfere with the meds for another. The doctors could usually get her back on an even keel within a few days, but this time she was in there for three weeks and they just couldn't get her stabilised.

Josh and I flew over there for the funeral and stayed another couple of weeks to help Dad go through Mum's clothes and things. A very difficult time. Ken came over for the final week to help me with the extra bags of items I wanted to bring back.

I managed to hold together quite well while we were over there. There was so much to do. I cleaned and sorted the kitchen from top to bottom so that it would be more organized for Dad. Family, friends and neighbors were constantly in and out for cups of tea and support, So there wasn't much time to sit and think. Now I'm back to the quietness of the farm, the loss of Mum is really hitting me. Even though there were so many miles between us, we were always best friends. Her phone company TalkTalk offered free 1 hour calls to the US so we made full use of that!

Well, that's about all I can write at this time, but I'll post more in the next few days along with some pictures of England.


Judy Adamson said...

Oh Polly, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! All I can say is that it will, eventually, get easier. And thank goodness your Dad had you there to help out!

Take good care of yourself - grieving can take a lot out of you!

Polly said...

Thank you, Judy. It really does wear you out doesn't it? I can't sit still and concentrate for more than a few minutes, so I'm wandering around in circles it seems, and not accomplishing very much.

Shirley said...

I send you my sympathy in the loss of your mother; I lost mine in Nov. 2009, and know how big a hole it leaves in your life.

Cheyenne said...

Oh, friend, I'm truly so sorry. There really aren't any words-but know you have a friend from the North country thinking of you.

Hope you are staying rested and praying that you will be wrapped in peace.

Polly said...

Thank you Cheyenne, I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. And Shirley I wish I could hug you. I hope you have found some peace and acceptance. I just can't believe how lost I am now that I don't have my Mum to share everything with.