Friday, July 02, 2010

Just a bunch of photos

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Thought I would put up a bunch of photos. Summer is finally here and everything is blooming.

We're busy renovating the garden area. I made some quick raised bed boxes last year, just to see if I liked them. Well. let me tell you, raised beds are the way to go! So much easier to manage. Now we are  putting gravel walk-ways between the boxes. It's looking really nice. We still have a regular row garden at the back, for poratoes and other things that we need to grow a lot of. I planted eggplant for the first time this year. It's doing great. Ken bought me an Excalibur dehydrator last year (it's wonderful!) so  I'll be dehydrating a lot of stuff. We started late with the planting so nothings quite ready yet. Having trouble with my back. It's taking twice as long to get things done.

I took some pictures of Christal and Shady, the horses, today. They're down in the "Weight Watchers" pasture because they were getting a bit too chunky.

Well, Ken just got home from work. He stopped and bought us a lovely peach pie from the farm market and then picked up a truck load of hay. He also took my fiddle to be re-strung today. Everyone's in for a long 4th of July weekend of torture :)

Susan, if you're reading this. I got your e-mail. Will be writing back.

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