Friday, March 20, 2009

Louisa Harding Knitting

I saw these two Louisa Harding pattern books on Ebay over the weekend and fell in love with that little bolero. All day Saturday it kept popping into my mind. Filling the horse's water trough and ping! there was that balero, feeding the rabbits, ping! there was that bolero. Then it struck me, it would be a great little project for the grey yarn I'm spinning! So, I bit the bullet and hit that "Buy It Now" button. Wednesday afternoon the books were here! They're both really nice with quite a few sweaters I'd like to knit. So many times I see a pattern I love but when I look at the rest of the collection I find nothing that inspires me to buy the book. Well,these two were worth getting.

The pattern name is BUNDI and it's turning out to be very well written and easy to follow. As you can see I already have quite a good start on it. Got the back and the left side finished in just about 4 hours! The right side is started but I'm going to have to spin up some more yarn to be able to complete it. Might be able to make it to the under arm shaping with what I have left. I hope the edging is as easy to follow. I've never knit a fancy edging before.

Oh, excuse the box of ammo holding the page open. Ken plans to do some turkey hunting.

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