Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chicken Coops For Sale

In England you can buy nice little coops for housing small flocks of birds but you don't see them over here. Building our coop was so much fun I decided to start building some to sell.

The main problem for chicken keepers here is predators. The most common being raccoons and possums. Oh, and black snakes are another bane. So, I'm making my coops as predator proof as possible.

Pictured above is the first one I've made so far. It would be great for someone who has a small yard. It will house 2 to 6 birds and can be pulled around the yard with a lawn tractor to different locations if need be. I also put a 2x2 through the top as there was no way to lift it easily. It's quite heavy! The 2x2 can be removed once the coop is situated. It has two nice sized nest boxes at the back. It just needs the roof on the nest boxes and it'll be finished.


I really want to thank all the people who have contacted me about the chicken coops. Unfortunately I'm unable to take any more orders at this time. As soon as I'm caught up I'll post pictures of any coops I have available. Gosh I wish I had 10 pairs of hands. I didn't realize just how many people would be interested in my coops.

Please bookmark this page and I'll be sure to post here when I have coops for sale again.

Oh, if you happen to be in Michigan please check out The Green Chicken Coop
Dan has some nice ones for sale.

Thank you all so much.


Paul Culbertson said...

How much are you selling it for? My wife and I have been looking for something exactly like that, not with much luck! We live in Virginia, the other side of the state, but we may be able to come get it if the price was right. Please get back to us. My email is Thanks So much.


Paula said...

I am also interested in your coops for sale. I am located in Ivy, near Charlottesville and I need a coop for my first try at chickens. You can email me at;

Rose Willis said...

I bought one of Polly's chicken coops yesterday and just wanted to post how pleased I am. I moved my broody hen, her eggs, and hatched chicks inside it and it's perfect and secure. Plenty of space for a heat lamp, feeder and waterer. They seem very happy.
It is very strong and sturdy, and well made. I highly recommend buying one!

Paula said...

Does anyone know how to get more information on the coops or how to order them? I can't figure it out.

alon said...

I love your LARGE chicken house.
I would like to know the price and delivery time.

I live in Beaverdam, virginia.

Please email me to
I tried to navigate in your website and I was not able to place an order nor find out the prices. I guess I am not such a good computer user.

Please, thanks,


Candice said...

Can you please contact us wiht prices and information. We are in Pennsylvania and we are very interested.

thank you

Anonymous said...

do you have a price for the 2X2? We live in Marshall. Thanks

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