Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Hens and Baby Pigeons

ell, the roof is on and the hens in. We're getting 5 eggs a day right now. They're from the White Leghorns. The Rhode Island Reds haven't started laying yet. Probably in another two or three weeks.

The roof on the next boxes isn't nailed down yet. I'm so happy with this chicken coop! There are still some finishing touches I want to add. In fact I have some grand ideas which will remain secret for now. I'm still figuring out how to implement them.

More good news! We finally have baby pigeons. After three years of trying here they are.

Another pair are sitting on eggs. They should hatch around the 27th of March. Keep your fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in your chicken houses for sale. How do I get more info?

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Mick said...

I've always wondered what the baby pigeons looked like. Why is it that we rarely, if ever, see them? Crows too.