Thursday, August 02, 2007

So many Rabbits!

We're awash in rabbits at the moment. Here they all are getting some fresh air and sunshine while we cleaned out their house ( the horse trailer) last weekend. They've all been seperated into age groups for growing out and ( since they're all weaned now) their moms are in their own cages hanging under the roof of the new rabbit barn we're building on the back of the horse shelter.

Yes, the one at the top was an escapee. He was easy to catch though and now he's back with his little group.

I love baby bunnies. I also love the rabbit pies cooked in the oven of the wood cookstove! No chemicals, preservatives or artificial colorings.

Actually they're all named Stew!


Anonymous said...


Ian says can you please send him a rabbit pie. Don't know how UK customs would view this ! David & Susan

Paula said...

Waht a beautiful place you have in the mountains! It looks so green and peaceful.